Guide Complex Networks and Dynamics: Social and Economic Interactions

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1. Introduction

The program is entirely taught in English, and thus welcomes both French and international students. The main objective of the program is to train future researchers and university lecturers in economics and social sciences. Upon completing the program, you will thus have the opportunity to pursue a PhD in economics and social sciences. In addition to this academic path, you will also be able to apply for consultant positions to conduct technical studies in either public administrations, consulting firms, or international organisations.

The program. A training in various fields in quantitative social sciences Paper: Part A: Systems and Humans, 36 2 , Chappin, E. An agent-based model of transitions in consumer lighting: Policy impacts from the E. Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions 7, 16— Cruz, J. The dynamics of financial stability in complex networks. The European Physical Journal B, 85, , doi: Emergence of a small world from local interactions: Modeling acquaintance networks.

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Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems

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  • Native Speakers: Ella Deloria, Zora Neale Hurston, Jovita Gonzalez, and the Poetics of Culture.

Evolution of knowledge sharing behavior in social commerce: An agent-based computational approach. Information Sciences. Kirman, A. The economy as an evolving network. Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 7 4 , — Koulouris, A. Katerelos, I.

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Multi-equilibria regulation agent-based model of opinion dynamics in social networks. Interdisciplinary Description of Complex Systems 11 1 , Korobow, A. An agent-based model of tax compliance with social network. National Tax Journal, 60 3 , — From graph theory to models of economic networks. Naimzada et al. Kumar, R. Structure and evolution of online social networks. Lawson, M. Li, W. Mei S.

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Social and Economic Interactions

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Vandewalle, N.

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