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The first four chapters constitute part one of the book and are focused on understanding Asperger Syndrome and High-Functioning Autism. The explanations here are clear and useful, but perhaps the most helpful information is a sidebar that delineates the differences between autism, PDD, PDD-NOS, high-functioning autism and Asperger Syndrome. Diagnosis of these conditions seems more like an art than a science and the authors note that the primary distinction between AS and HFA lies within children's behavior before the age of three.

The challenges are identified as social interaction, communication and unusual interests and behaviors. Examples and strategies for doing this are provided in the second part of the book. The rest of the chapters in section one are devoted to covering the process of diagnosis, causes of autism spectrum disorders and possible treatments. For parents who have been at this for a while, much of this information will be redundant.

Asperger Syndrome, Adolescence, and Identity: Looking Beyond the Label

Experienced parents who have done their research can probably just skim this section. But don't skip it completely.

There is an interesting sidebar about possible misdiagnoses and a very clear presentation of the DSM criteria for autistic spectrum disorder. For parents who have not yet taken their children for a formal diagnosis, there is a good discussion of the assessment process and how to tell if you are getting the expert help you need for a good diagnosis. Not all diagnostic assessments are equally accurate, revealing or useful.

The chapter on treatments is also for the novice.. For those who are new to this, it is a concise and readable introduction and review of popular methodologies which will, nonetheless, need to be supplemented with further research. The real meat of the book, and what makes this book so unique and valuable, is the second part -- chapters five through nine. It is here that the strategies become concrete and specific with plenty of examples. Chapter five is a discussion of the guiding principle of the book -- channeling your child's strengths. According to the authors, there are three good reasons to do this -- to build up areas of weakness, to build self-esteem in the child and to make life easier for everyone.

This quote summarizes the message of the whole book - "Building on strengths, having creative strategies, produces more solutions than concentrating on attacking your child's weaknesses. However, parents should assess their own children to find additional individual strengths. The next three chapters focus on the home, school and social world respectively. The chapter on home life explains the importance of consistency and provides strategies for difficult times of the day, breaks, routines, chores and homework.

Finding an appropriate school appears to be very difficult.

With Britain's schools basically in a market situation where their pecking order is trumpeted by a league table, there is obviously no incentive to accept let alone spend scarce resources on students with special educational needs. The majority of international schools fare no better as most of them are private for-profit institutions. Some small specialist schools are obviously excellent as are some specialist centres inside mainstream schools. Over all, however, schooling does seem to be a problem with bullying being a major part of it. Mothers seemed to have good relationships with their AS children; fathers, on the whole, less so.

Relationships between AS children and their siblings could be quite fraught but on occasion could be genuinely warm. The sixth theme, rages and blues, deals with the anger and depression that often accompany AS -- the anger resulting from frustration and the depression usually from the social isolation.

The book has an excellent index and a very useful bibliography. It has been excellently proof-read and reads very smoothly. Books like this are so useful to parents, teachers, and, of course, those who have AS.

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Metapsychology Online receives a commission from Amazon. The reader is led to understand his parents frustration within the constraints of mainstream schooling.

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